Philosophy 190

Introduction to Philosophy


Winter, 2011

Dr. Beverly E. Gallo 

Office: UH-401.31

Hrs.: MWF, 10:45-11:45

W, 2:45-3:45

& by Appointment

Tel. (909) 537-5873

Phil. Dept. UH 339

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The goals of this course are (1) to introduce students to some fascinating Philosophical questions and some famous arguments designed to answer those questions. (2) to encourage students to begin to reason and argue "philosophically." During the quarter we will read, discuss and analyze arguments concerning the existence of God, the problem of evil, ethics and more.

You should not expect to passively receive the answers to your philosophical questions. Analysis and discussion of some famous answers to the questions should help you to formulate your own answers.

Turn off and put away all electronic devices during class (exceptions: laptops and devices for use by students with disabilities or for use by emergency personnel.)

You are expected to complete your work on time. Late homework, papers or make-up exams are acceptable only in cases of absence for compelling reasons. You must contact me by telephone if you are unable to attend class on a day when graded assignments are dueIf you are absent when graded assignments are due, be prepared to show evidence that your absence was unavoidable. Plagiarism and other forms of cheating will not be tolerated. If plagiarism and/or cheating is discovered you will receive an "F" for the assignment or test. See "General Regulations and Procedures," CSUSB Bulletin of Courses, for policies on withdrawal, cheating, and plagiarism.  If you need accommodation for a disability, see me immediately, and contact Services for Students with Disabilities at (909) 537-5238.

I keep a record of attendance for the first six weeks of class. At the end of the 6th week, students who appear to have abandoned the class will receive a grade of "U." My E-mail address is However, you must not E-mail assignments unless you have received permission to do so. No adds after the census date.   The table which follows shows assignments and due dates.

Assignments for 14th edition

  Week Of:


  Subject Matter

Jan. 10-14

[Week 1] 

Listen Carefully

Lecture & "Blackboard"

Introduction to Syllabus 

Introduction to Philosophy

Skepticism-S. Empiricus

Jan. 17-21

Jan. 17=Holiday!!

[Week 2]


pp. 182 - 191

Descartes, Meditations , Intro.

Meds. I and II

Jan. 24-28

[Week 3]

  • HW #1 due Jan. 24

205 - 213 


"Blackboard" and Copies in Library, “I & U”  

HW #1, SQ  

Med. VI

The Mind/Body Problem

Args. From De Rerum  Natura, Lucretius*


Jan. 31-Feb. 4

[Week 4]



pp. 35 - 36


Lucretius cont.

The Existence of God: Intro.

Cosmological Arg.-

  • St. Thomas Aquinas

Feb. 7-11

[Week 5]

  • Midterm Feb. 11 MWF, Feb. 9 MW

PP. 20 - 21

Midterm-Bring large “Blue Book” and dark ink pens

Ontological Arg.

  • St Anselm

Feb. 14-18

[Week 6]

  • HW #2 due Feb. 14

PP. 21 - 24


PP. 46 - 51

HW #2, SQ
  • Gaunilo (Critic of Anselm)

Teleologial Arg.

  •   Paley

Feb. 21-25

[Week 7]

  • HW #3 due Feb. 21

  • Papers due Feb. 23. Papers will be typed, double-spaced.  Supply footnotes & bibliography.

PP. 52 - 57, 63-65, 75-80 PP.135 - 138  


HW #3, SQ  

Papers Due

  • Hume (Critic of Paley)  

  • Pascal’s Wager  

Intro. to the Problem of Evil

Feb. 28-March 4

[Week 8]

PP. 86 - 92

Copies in Library, “I & U” and "BB"

  • Dostoevsky  

  • Theodicy, Leibniz *  

March 7-11

[Week 9]

“Blackboard” & Copies in Library, “I & U”

Intro. To Ethics & Stoicism

  • Seneca, De Providentia

  • Epictetus, Enchiridion* or **

March 14-18

[Week 10]

  • Paper Revision due March 18 MWF, March 16, MW. Staple revision to original. Highlight changes on revision.

PP. 590-597

"Blackboard" and Web



Paper Revision Due



March 21-"Hangover" Monday-Last Class  

March 22-25

Final Exams , 1 hr. 50 mins.

Finals Week-Bring large “Blue Book” and dark ink pens.

Finals:  See Winter Class Schedule or see  You must come at the time scheduled for your section!


*Readings may be found in The Individual and the Universe by O.A. Johnson.

** Neither CSUSB nor your instructor is responsible for maintaining the Epictetus and Epicurus websites




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