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California State University, San Bernardino
   Career & Technical Teacher Education
Designated Subjects CTE Teaching Credential
Through Online Distance Learning

All of the required Designated Subjects CTE (Career and Technical) Teaching Credential courses (see below) can now be done completely online and course assignments started at any time (head start with permission of course instructor). PLEASE NOTE that while it is possible to start work on course assignments before being officially enrolled, it is not possible to get official transcripts showing grades earned until the end of the normal quarter (Fall, Winter or Spring) in which a student is officially enrolled in the ECTS courses needed.

There is no need to ever attend any meetings or to be online at any particular time, so you can work on the course assignments from any place that has internet access at your own pace, whenever your schedule permits!

Also, because CSU San Bernardino is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and because our (ECTS) courses are all 500 series courses, they can be applied to either our CTE bachelors or a masters degree.
If you can web surf, word process and send and receive e-mail, you should be able to do the online course assignments without any problem. While any computer with a reasonable screen size (bigger than a mobile phone) and reasonable internet access (faster than a dial-up connection) will work just fine, a fairly new laptop computer that you can take anywhere is highly recommended.

It is also expected that you should be able to read with understanding, communicate clearly in writing, complete assignments in a timely manner and work effectively without direct supervision (essential qualities for anyone involved with teaching). Follow this link for:
Success Self Assessment for Online Courses

The following courses (offered in an all online format through CSU, San Bernardino) need to be completed in order to meet course work requirements for the Designated Subjects Career and Technical Teaching Credential as specified through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The first three courses (offered every quarter) can and should be completed during the first quarter as an officially enrolled student. All of the remaining courses can and should be completed in the next quarter in which all of those courses are offered.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the "ECTS" courses were previously identified as "EVOC" courses.

It is highly recommended that everyone start with the ECTS 501 and ECTS 518 courses listed just below and enroll in both of those courses during the same Quarter:
PLEASE NOTE: Any ROP teacher who has not completed an Early Orientation course through an ROP will also need the following course: Additiomal requirements, if not previously met, may include: There are various ways in which the additional requirements can be met. If anyone who has found what they feel is a particularly good way to meet any or all of those additional requirements will send a URL (link) to Ron Pendleton ~ that leads to that information, I will add those links to this page. Thanks. :^)

NOTE: The information on this page is what is being requested for the Credential Information assignment (FA5) from the ECTS 501 course. Every candidate for any teaching credential should confirm what specific requirements apply to them by checking with the credential analyst (and/or ROP supervisor) who is actually processing their credential application.

We have found that the further in advance distance learners start to work on the course assignments the better they do, so we encourage anyone who wants take our ECTS courses to first subscribe to the free E-TEXT for each course and start in on course assignments before officially enrolling. This is not an official university policy, but is permitted at the discretion of individual course instructors and ECTS course instructors (only) have agreed to work with distance learners who want a head start on ECTS course assignments.

Anyone living in the Palm Desert area who might be interested in taking any of these courses in a traditional in-class format may contact Dennis Larney ~ or John Caldwell ~ at the CSU Palm Desert Campus for further information about that.

It is highly recommended for anyone starting this program, to plan on completing all of the required ECTS courses without interruption. This can easily be done within one year or less from start to finish and has proven to be very beneficial for everyone who has done it.

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Special Admission for DS Credential Courses Only

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Applying for the Designated Subjects Teaching Credential

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