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Objective -  By the end of the lesson given instructions and model activity, scholars will:

Assignment Description

Throughout ECTS 504 we have discussed many issues relating to adolescent and adult education.  These issues include environments to promote successful teaching and learning, barriers to adolescent and/or adult learning, strategies for teaching adolescent and adult learners, English learners and learners with special needs, group dynamics, and development levels to name a few.  For your final you will present a class activity appropriate for either adolescent or adult learners that specifically targets one or more of the issues we've explored this quarter.

For your activity I encourage you to think outside the box.  You are free to locate an appropriate an activity from one of the many resources on-line or in libraries.  You may choose an activity you have participated in previously.  You may also elect to create your own activity "from scratch" so to speak.  Some, but not all, of the issues you need to consider in selecting your activity are:

  1. Is it age appropriate for your students, adolescent or adult learners?
  2. Is it appropriate for English learners and special needs students?
  3. Does it allow disabled students to participate in the activity?
  4. Can it be conducted in a realistic time frame?
  5. Will you be able to write clear, specific instructions for conducting the activity?
  6. Is realistic for the time, space, and number of participants?
  7. Is it cost effective (you must provide props and enough activity materials for your class to "play")?
  8. Does it target a specific issue discussed in ECTS 504?

NOTE:  The activity is NOT a lesson, task or skill specific for your subject matter.  You are NOT teaching a lesson.  You are helping the your students with one of the 504 issues or concerns.  It is a generic activity that could be used by any scholar in the class regardless of their content area.  If you submit a subject matter specific activity you will not earn full credit.  If you are uncertain about the activity you selected e-mail me immediately for guidance.  For example (not fair using my examples for your activity - grin):

Inappropriate activities:  How to set a spark plug gap.  How to interrogate a suspect.  Medical terminology word parts.  Menu bar in word.
Appropriate activities:
        A producer is going to make a movie of your life.  Explain to the class what actor would you cast as "you" and why. 
        Make a list of your favorite book, food, movie, song, and TV show.  Divide into groups and share your favorites and why they are your favorites.
        Practicing trust falls.

Once you have selected your activity, write a lesson plan in third person voice giving clear, detailed instructions for conducting the activity.  Use the lesson plan template provided below.  Write the lesson plan with sufficient detail and instruction that a substitute could easily conduct the activity in your absence.  Identify the objectives of the activity relevant to one or more of the issues addressed in ECTS 504.  For example, does your activity break down barriers and if so specifically what barriers?  Does it promote group synergy?  Is it an ice-breaker that helps create a supportive, safe, interactive, inclusive learning environment specific to the age of your students?  Does it target Maslow's hierarchy of needs?  Does it address developmental levels or group interactions?  Does it represent one of the learning theories such as constructivism or PBL, etc.?  Be specific about the 504 objectives it targets.  The best activities target multiple 504 objectives so be sure to think globally.  Include all props and participant materials required to conduct the activity. 

Although you explored many teaching and learning concerns in 504, in ten weeks we are only able to scratch the surface of situations, concerns, strategies, and concepts you will face in your teaching career.  If an issue that has direct bearing or application to adolescent or adult learners was not addressed in 504, you may opt to conduct an activity to introduce the issue for discussion with prior instructor consent.  Just e-mail the issue you would like to address and your strategy to the instructor for approval.  In the e-mail include the relevance to andragogy or pedagogy and why you want to introduce it for discussion.

Write a short report in first person voice that describes specifically which ECTS 504 lessons, objectives, or issues your activity is designed to target.  Begin by introducing yourself to your fellow scholars.  Identify the age of your students and how the activity is age appropriate.  Explain who, what, when, where, why, and how your activity addresses the 504 issue(s).  Describe how it accommodates diversity.  Be sure to explain the expected outcome of the activity.  Support your conclusions with reference to course materials and resources.  Remember, this is your "final" and as such is a capstone assignment.  It should reflect consideration of your target audience and the principles addressed in 504 at a critical thinking level.  It will be evaluated with that in mind.

Finally, generate a Power Point presentation in second person voice conducting the activity with your class.  Address your students directly as though you are talking to them.  Give simple, clear instructions your class can follow.  Review the example presentation below before you begin developing your assignment.  Paste your report into your e-mail message and attach your lesson plan and Power Point.  Your lesson plan, reports, and slide show must be distributed to the class-at-large via the distribution list on or before due date listed in the syllabus to receive full credit.  You must participate in the discussion to earn an "A" grade.

As always, e-mail if you have questions.


Grading Criteria

This assignment is worth 10% of your grade. 

Reports meeting the following criteria will receive an "A." 

Participation in the on-line discussion via e-mail 1 point

Lesson Plan Template



My example is an Ice-Breaker activity I conducted many times the first night of classes during orientation.  It serves as an example as well as a resource.  Be sure your lesson plan includes detailed instructions adequate for your fellow scholars to conduct the activity themselves.  I hope you enjoy it.  Remember, you must send your lesson plan as an attachment to the class-at-large using the distribution list on or before the due date listed in the syllabus.

Click on the links below for my electronic introduction and the Power Point presentation of the activity.  If you have questions remember to e-mail me.

FP Final Presentation Lesson Plan Example

FP Final Presentation E-mail Introduction Example 

FP Power Point for Electronic Presentation Example

Activity Slide Show High Contrast

Activity Slide Show PDF