PI Assignment

Personal Information and Memo of Intent

Objective -  By the end of the lesson, given instructions and an example, each scholar will:

Assignment Description

Personal Information

This course is being offered as an on-line course.  It is especially important for distance learners to maintain open communication with the class-at-large via e-mail.  The instructor also requires information for his or her records to ensure scholars' success and submit the appropriate administrative documents. The Scholars' Information will provide your instructor in an e-mail for submitting grades and other administrative necessities.  If the scholar is sensitive about sharing his or her e-mail he or she should obtain a free e-mail account with Yahoo for the purposes of the ECTS courses.  Paste the information below into your e-mail message, fill in your details, and e-mail it to the instructor only.  Be certain to include the permission statement for sharing your e-mail with the class-at-large.


Memo of Intent

Scholars will use a word processing program to write a Memo of Intent following standard memo format shown in the example.  The information should include the scholar's current registration status and any follow-up that is required/planned.  For those who plan to do the work this quarter and officially register in a subsequent quarter, identify the quarter in which registration is expected to occur.  Identify the grade to which the scholar aspires.  The only acceptable grades are "B" and "A."  This memo should also include the type of computer and software the scholar will be using and if there are any special considerations in how the coursework will be accomplished.  The memo should identify which option is selected, distance or competency verification.

Scholars identify their credential as either Designated Subjects Adult Education (DS AE) or Designated Subjects Career and Technical (DS CTE).  Candidate teaching in environments not requiring a credential should identify their age group as K-12 or adults. Then candidates should describe the demographics in their classrooms and will develop andragogical or pedagogical strategies and methods for teaching relative to their specific student demographics. Candidates will explore the difference between how adults and adolescents interact, the most effective learning environments, and classroom management strategies for each age group in each of the reports and discussions conducted throughout the quarter..

This memo should be e-mailed to the instructor only as an attachment. 

Grading Criteria

Personal Information e-mail (1 point)

All scholars will receive "A" for providing all requested information and including permission to share his or her e-mail with the class-at-large.  Be sure to include your CSUSB ID number.  The scholar's grade will be lowered for each missing piece of information. 

Example Personal Information e-mail

Memo of Intent e-mail (1 point)

Scholars will write a second e-mail following business standard memo format providing the requested information.  Scholars should reference the criteria and view the example before composing their memo.   The memo should be e-mailed to the instructor and fellow group members.  All weekly group reports will follow this format.

Example Memo of Intent e-mail