ECTS 504 Discussion Instructions


Hi Scholars,
Please read this e-mail completely and carefully with an eye to detail. If necessary print it and make notes. It contains instructions for the discussion this quarter.
Generate your documents in your word processor, either MS Word or Open Office. Follow the memo format described in the e-text. Run the spell/grammar check. Determine reports are no longer than 1 1/2 pages (excluding the memo header). Then copy and paste your report into your e-mail message. The only documents you send as attachments are for the final presentation. Remember to use the subject line format: 504, assignment, last name.
Copy and paste the listserv (to be provided during the first week of class) into the "To" field of your e-mail. Then send the e-mail out. If your name is not on the list you have not provided me with permission to share you e-mail and will not be able to pass the class.
Donna Shea <>; etc.
Check your e-mail daily to read and respond to your fellow scholars. This is a 4 hour class per week. Accessing the required readings and completing your documents is your "homework" and should not be included when tracking the time you spend "in class." Participating in the discussions represents the 4 hours you would be in traditional classroom for face-to-face discussions. If you allocate a half hour daily 6 days a week you should be able to read and participate in the discussions without feeling overwhelmed. If you try to do it all in one day, it will be overwhelming, confusing, and you will not get the full benefit of 504. If you spend more than 3-4 hours weekly participating in the discussions you should contact me to discuss your time management skills.
As you receive e-mails from your fellow scholars, read the reports the use the "reply to all" feature of your mail manager to comment on the discussion topics. Discussion participation is 10% of your grade. In a traditional class discussion you would listen a great deal and occasionally comment or ask a question. The same applies to an on-line discussion. You will read a great deal and occasionally e-mail a comment or question. I do not expect you to respond to every e-mail you receive. I expect 2-3 substantial comments weekly, but more is always welcome.
Your contributions should be provocative and enhance the discussion. Comments that simply reiterate what was previously state do not received credit. The comment should add new information, experiences, ideas, and resources. For example, you may ask an in depth question; you may present a problem relevant to the discussion topic and solicit ideas from fellow scholars for possible solutions; you may offer an experience that supports another scholar's view and includes new information or supportive evidence; or you may offer an experience different from another scholar and support your opposing point of view, etc. As long as your comments are courteous, tactful, and professional scholarly debate is encouraged.
Your posts will graded based on the following rubric.
Rubric for On line discussions
Objective/ Criteria
Performance Indicators
(0.5 point)
Posted 2-3 times throughout the week so postings were in response to others.
(0.25 points)
Posted 2-3 times but all in one session.
(0 points)
Did not post or posted less than 2 times
Quality of post
(0.5 point)
Every post added richness
by posting new ideas, new content, compelling questions, alternative views. Built on or synthesized prior postings or topics.  Observations and conclusions were expressed courteously and professionally during scholarly debate.
(0.25 points)
One post added new ideas, new content, compelling questions, alternative views with sufficient richness. Did not build on or synthesized prior postings or topics.  Observations and conclusions were courteous and tactful.
(0 points)
Restated other scholars’ comments failing to add new ideas, content, compelling questions, or alternative views. Did not build on or synthesize prior postings or topics.  Comments were less than courteous or tactful.
As always, e-mail me if you have questions, concerns, or difficulty. Enjoy!