Distance (Distributive) Learning Format


ECTS 504 is conducted as a Distance (Distributive) Learning course.  The course announcements and scholar's e-mail to the class-at-large is achieved using a mailing list (listserv) provided by the instructor.  There are no on-campus meetings.  However, I will attend the first night of class for an optional orientation to the course, course materials, assignments, and modeling the final electronic presentation. 

Course material will be presented on-line through this e-text and the World Wide Web.  Scholars are encouraged to attend the first night of class for orientation to the syllabus, software and e-text if they are within a reasonable distance to the university.  

All scholars are expected to participate fully in all class activities and submit all work in a timely manner via e-mail.  Assignments should be written in the scholar's word processor, checked for spelling and grammar, then copied into an e-mail.  All assignments except the personal information and memo of intent are sent to the class-at-large via e-mail messages using the listserv (do not use attachments except for the final).  Be sure to check the assignment criteria to ensure you receive full credit.  For most assignments 9 points are awarded for the reports when sent to the listserv and 1 point for participating in the discussion.  Participation in the discussion is necessary to earn an "A" in the course.

Click on the Table of Contents below to access assignment objectives, descriptions and grading criteria.  Scholars should read the e-text and the syllabus with an eye to detail before completing the assignment.  If a link is not active it is undergoing revision and will be made available prior to the class during which it will be presented.  If a link is broken, please e-mail me immediately so it can be repaired.

Table of Contents