Report Guidelines


Rubric for On-line discussions

Objective/ Criteria

Performance Indicators




(0.5 point)

Posted 2-3 times throughout the week so postings were in response to others.

(0.25 points)

Posted 2-3 times but all in one session.

(0 points)

Did not post or posted less than 2 times.




Quality of post

(0.5 point)

Every post added richness by posting new ideas, new content, compelling questions, alternative views. Built on or synthesized prior postings or topics.

(0.25 points)

One post added new ideas, new content, compelling questions, alternative views with sufficient richness. Did not build on or synthesized prior postings or topics.

(0 points)

Restated other scholars’ comments failing to add new ideas, content, compelling questions, or alternative views. Did not build on or synthesize prior postings or topics.

In a face-to-face discussion you would listen more than you would speak.  You would not try to comment on everything said in the class.  That would result in chaos.  You would listen and when you had a comment, question, or opposing experience or perception you would contribute to the discussion.  Treat this on-line discussion the same way.  You will read all the reports and discussion responses and comment when you have something to add to the discussion that will add depth and breadth.  You will read instead of listen and write instead of talk.  If you set aside 15 or 20 minutes per day to check your e-mail the discussion will be manageable and you will be able to follow the thread of the discussion.  If you try to do it all in one day you will quickly become overwhelmed and loose the natural flow of the discussion. 

The standard expectations for college classes is to spend 2 hours of homework/study time outside of class for every hour you spend in class.  This class meets 4 hours per week.  According to the formula you should plan to spend 12 hours per week on 504.  Realistically, I do not anticipate it requiring that much time, but that is what you should plan on each week.  Reading the assignment and writing your reports is considered homework. Participating in the discussion is considered the 4-hours of class time you would spend in a traditional face-to-face course.  Plan to spend about 1 hour reading each others reports and up to 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week to read and respond to comments.


Memo Format

All reports will follow this format.

Memorandum template