LP1 & LP2 Video Recordings

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VERY IMPORTANT: The information on this page is intended to provide guidance to Distance Learning Scholars relative to meeting the requirements for video recording and submitting the LP1 and LP2 assignments. The task is to make two short videos; one from your LP1 Lesson Plan and the other from your LP2 lesson Plan/

Think Simple. Most Smart Phones have all the video recording capacity needed to record the LP1 and LP2 lessonns. Each lesson should be less than 5 minutes in length so each video could actually be sent to the instructor as an attachment to an e-mail sent from a Smart Phone (the iPhone sold by Apple does really well with both video and e-mail). So all you really need to do have someone use your Smart Phone, or their own Smart Phone to record first LP1 and then LP2 and then send the video for each one as an attachment to an e-mail to the ECTS 501 course instructor. :~)

For Additional Credit (lots of additional credit, LOL) post the videos on YouTube and just send the ECTS 501 course instructoy an e-mail with the link to the video you posted on YouTube.

All scholars should carefully study the information posted at each of the links listed just below before developing and recording their lessons: