EA2 Self Evaluation of LP1

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After viewing the video of their own LP1, each scholar follow the format and emulate the language of the EA2 SELF EVALUATION of LP1 example to self evaluate his/her own LP1 Lesson in accordance with the criteria listed below.


This EA2 Self Evaluation assignment is designed to promote skills that instructors should use when evaluating student activities. It is also intended to illustrate the difference between objective evaluation and subjective evaluation. Although the EA2 exercise is a self evaluation, the same principles apply when evaluating your own students. The main idea is that evaluation and grading are not the same and that whenever possible it is best to provide students with specific information about how they did than simply to assign a grade that may or may not reflect the actual quality of student work for any particular assignment.


All scholars should copy and paste the example into an e-mail message and then chance the comments to reflect their own observations, before sending that e-mail message to the instructor.

Please review and emulate the Fred Fudrucker
EVALUATION - Evaluation

All four of the following criteria must be met to earn full credit:
  1. On the STUDENT PERFORMANCE section of the form, indicate clearly and specifically what students should reasonably be able to do as a result of receiving the instruction (as indicated by the student performance objective on your LP1 lesson plan).

  2. On the "OBJECTIVE" EVALUATION section of the form include then indicate either YES or NO for each/every item listed. For each "YES" include a brief positive reinforcement comment and for each "NO" include a brief constructive criticism comment.

  3. On the "SUBJECTIVE" EVALUATION section of the form include then indicate either an A, B, C, D or F grade for each/every item listed. Add a brief positive reinforcement comment following each "A" grade indicated and add a brief constructive criticism comment following any grade other grade indicated.

  4. On the PROFESSIONAL REFLECTIONS section of the form, indicate what you learned as an evaluator by completing this assignment using the specified form.

The completed EA2 should be sent to the instructor via e-mail. Your "Professional Reflections" are of particular interest so please take the time to indicate what you actually learned from completing this EA2 assignment.