EA3 Peer Evaluation of WR2

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Each scholar will use copies of the EA3 Self Evaluation of WR2 form (follow link in Criterion 1 below) to evaluate both Bueford and Edna's WR2 written reports.


This EA3 Peer Evaluation assignment is designed to help develop perception and communication skills that instructors should use when evaluating written work that their students have produced. All Scholars will evaluate the posted WR2 assignments OR assignments preparred by their own students.

As with the self evaluation of WR1 done previously, ECTS Scholars must be able to state what anyone should reasonably be expected to be able to do as a result of reading a completed WR2 assignment (objective); must be able to recognize and comment upon particular things that the WR2 writer has done well (positive reinforcement); and must be able to make specific suggestions that will help the WR2 writer to improve where (and if) improvement is needed (constructive criticism). The specific criteria that must be met to earn full credit on the EA3 Peer Evaluations of WR2 assignments are indicated below.

The evaluations of both Bueford and Edna should follow the format and style of the following example:
All scholars should evaluate both Edna's WR2 and Bueford's WR2. Follow the "Edna" and "Bueford" links in this paragraph to see their reports.


Comments must be completed for each EA3 as as per the criteria indicated below.
  1. On the "OBJECTIVE" section of the form, indicate clearly and specifically what someone should reasonably be able to do as a result of reading the WR2 report. Hint: since both Edna and Bueford's reports are intended to provide a list of topics and related tasks that would be appropriate for a particular course, you could say that anyone who reads either of those reports should be able to "identify topics and tasks that would be appropriate for the course cited in the report!"

  2. On the "POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT" section of the form indicate two things that were done particularly well. Begin your comments in this section by using the name of the person being evaluated. Be sure to use words like "good" and "excellent".

  3. On the "CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM" section of the form indicate one thing that would improve the quality of the report. Begin your comments in this section by using the name of the person being evaluated and the words "I suggest...".

All Scholars should e-mail their completed EA3 evaluations to the course instructor. Both evaluations should be included in the same e-mail.