Although Distance Learning ECTS Scholars are encouraged to work on ECTS 501 assignments before officially enrolling in the course, at some point, in order to get official credit, they must apply for admission to CSUSB and officially enroll in the ECTS 501 course. Information about applying for admission to CSUSB is posted at 1admitevoc.

PLEASE NOTE: Official grades cannot be posted until the end of the quarter that a scholar is officially enrolled (even if all course assignments have been completed), so any scholar who needs to have official grades for ECTS courses before a specific date must officially enroll during a quarter that will end before the date that the grades are needed!

CSUSB does not differentiate between Distance Learning and In-class Learning with respect to with respect to admission or enrollment in ECTS courses, so enrollment must be made into one of the regular ECTS courses posted in the Schedule of Classes for the quarter of official enrollment. PLEASE NOTE: Some traditional non-distance learning ECTS courses are still offered at the Palm Desert Campus.

ECTS courses tend to fill early so it is highly recommended that application for admission to CSUSB (see above link) and official enrollment be done as far in advance as possible of the start of the quarter in which a scholar needs to be officially enrolled.