FA1 - CyberSpace Field Trip

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All ECTS scholars are expected to be able to find information online. The FA1 Field Trip assignment is really a type of CyberSpace scavenger hunt in which scholars are expected to demonstrate their ability to find, describe and use information posted on a variety of web sites.


This field trip requires access to the WWW. Scholar's may use their own home or work site computers (highly recommended if they have web access), or they may use web connected computers on campus at CSUSB (available to all regularly enrolled CSUSB students at no cost). It is also possible to use the computers now available in almost all public libraries to find information online.

Several web site addresses are listed below and questions are asked about each site. All ECTS 501 scholars are expected to visit each site and write their answers to the questions. Those answers should then be e-mailed to the ECTS 501 instructor.

Please note that the answers provided on Fred's example (see below) are not correct and are intended only to illustrate the format of the e-mail that should be sent to the ECTS 501 instructor.

Review the standards (link just below) specified for: Follow the same plain text e-mail format as used in: Click on each URL address below to link to that web site:
  1. email.html
    Read all of the standards, then briefly describe what you (all ECTS Scholars) are expected to DO relative to standard 2 and indicate why that is important?

  2. http://coe.csusb.edu/faculty/scarcella/CTTEVE/admission.html
    If you have already been officially admitted, please indicate when: if you have not been officially admitted please sescribe exactly what you have done and/or still need to do relative to your application for admission.

  3. http://coe.csusb.edu/faculty/scarcella//CTTEVE/addinfo.html
    What information (link) did you find to be of most interest and why?

  4. http://coe.csusb.edu/faculty/scarcella/CTTEVE/credential.html
    What did you learn here that could be of value to you?

  5. http://www.ctc.ca.gov/lookup.html
    If you have a California Teaching Credential, search using your own name. Otherwise use the name of someone you know who does have a California Teaching credential. In either case, briefly describe what you found.

  6. http://www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/CREDS/adult-voc-ed.html
    Indicate what type of credential you have (or would like to get) and briefly describe what you believe is the most important information you found about that credential.

  7. http://faculty.csusb.edu/faculty/scarcella/ronpenweb/
    First, search for information about Dr. Ron Pendleton (the one who is a former professor at CSUSB with a homepage at ronpen.com) and indicate one thing you found to be of particular interest.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztVaqZajq-I&feature
    What is the name of the song and why do you believe it was included as a part of the FA1 Field Trip?

  9. http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/learningstyles/ilsweb.html
    Complete the "Learning Styles Questionnaire" and briefly describe the results. Do you think the results were accurate?

    AND THEN (optional) -

  10. http://www.elinart.com
    Scholars who have really been enjoying this assignment, can go to this site and briefly describe whatever you found to be most interesting. Elin is a great artist to whom Ron Pendleton was married for a number of years.

EVALUATION - (all options)

This assignment should be completed and e-mailed to the ECTS 501 course instructor ASAP. The 501 instructor will notify each scholar by return e-mail either that all criteria have been met or, if anything further needs to be done, what the scholar must do to earn full credit.