FA5 Status Information

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The purpose of this assignment is to insure that all ECTS Scholars who are working on meeting the requirements for a Designated Subjects Teaching Credential, and all ECTS Scholars who need to register for additional courses at CSUSB, will get the information that they need in order to accomplish those goals.

The way most people enter our DS/CTE Teaching Credential Program is they respond to an ad for a teaching position at an ROP and if the ROP wants to hire them, but they don't already have a credential, they are referred by the ROP to an approved institution (like CSUSB) to begin the credentialing process by applying for a "Preliminary" DS/CTE Teaching Credential based on an evaluation of their on-the-job "work experience" it the area they will be teaching. The "Preliminary" Credential will allow them to teach while they are taking the coursework (the ECTS courses) needed for their "Clear" Credential.

IF the person looking for a teaching position at at ROP (or anywhere else) has already completed (or even just started) any of our ECTS courses, they have a distinct advantage over anyone who has not had or is not currently enrolled in our ECTS courses. There are no prerequisites for taking the ECTS courses so we recommend that anyone interested in teaching, start taking the ECTS courses as soon as possible. And the word is out that people who have completed them are much better prepared for teaching (in any venue) than those who have not.

We also suggest that anyone interested in a DS/CTE Teaching Credential wait until they have actually been offered a teaching job before they apply for the "Preliminary" Credential because in addition to the ECTS coursework, one of the requirements for the "Clear" Credential is documentation of teaching under the "Preliminary" Credential.

So . . . , We encourage anyone interested in teaching to start with the ECTS courses as soon as possible (because that will make them a more desirable candidate for a teaching position), but not to apply for the "Preliminary" Credential until they have actually been offered a teaching position (because they need to document time that they taught under the "Preliminary" Credential in order to qualify for the "Clear" Credential.


All ECTS 501 scholars must research and find answers to the questions below about CREDENTIALING INFORMATION and about REGISTRATION INFORMATION. Each scholar should send an e-mail memo to the ECTS 501 instructor that includes both the questions and the answer to each question.

PLEASE NOTE: This is particularly important ROP teachers with Preliminary Designated Subjects Teaching Credentials and they should discuss the credentialing questions with their ROP Supervisor and a credential analyst before submittimg their FA5 Status Report!

If you do do not intend to apply for a Designated Subjects Teaching Credential, please refer to the NOTE at the bottom of this page about earning Full Credit for FA5.

The links following each question below lead to information that should help each scholar find the information needed. "

CREDENTIALING and COURSE REGISTRATION INFORMATION - Anyone who has applied for or is considering applying for a teaching credential, is responsible for finding out what he/she must do relative to the processing of that credential and enrollment into the ECTS courses at CSUSB. To facilitate that, please answer all of the following questions:
  1. What subject(s) should (or do) appear on your Preliminary Designated Subjects Teachimg Credential?

    The "subject" should be indicated on the face of your Preliminary Credential. If you don't yet have a Preliminary Credential (or can't find it), select the name of a specific subject from the list of subjects posted by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (you will need to select either the "Designated Subjects Career & Technical Education," or the "Designated Subjects Adult Education," link to see the list of subjects). The URL for the Adult and Vocational Education page on the CCTC Web Site is:


  2. What ECTS courses do you need to take through CSUSB to clear your credential and when do you expect to officially complete them? List all of the required ECTS courses (such as ECTS 501, ECTS 518, ECTS 519 etc.) with the date you completed or expect to complete each course.

    Also indicate how the following requirements have been, or will be, met:

      CPR - required of all teachers

      U.S. Constitution

      Health Education

      Any other requirements (such as TB test, etc., if applicable)

  3. By what date will your Preliminary Designated Subjects Teaching Credential EXPIRE if the courses listed above are not completed?

    Dates are usually printed on the face of the preliminary credential and/or can be checked at:


  4. What is the name and e-mail address of your credential analyst? And the name and address of the agency for which he/she works? ROP teachers please also indicate the name and e-mail address of your ROP supervisor.

    The credential analyst is the person who is responsible for filing your credential application. If you do not yet have a credential you can contact Ms. Monica Cordero, credentials analyst, CSUSB Center for Assisting Students in Education (mcordero@csusb.edu) or 909-880-5609 and request "An Application for a Preliminary Designated Subjects Teaching Credential."

    If you already have the Preliminary Credential, it is essential that you are in contact with the credential analyst (and/or your immediate supervisor) at the institution where you are teaching, in order to make sure that the requirements for clearing that credential are clearly understood!

  5. What QUARTER (Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer) in what YEAR will you apply for admission to CSUSB?

    If you have not yet applied for admission, please follow the directions.

  6. What QUARTER (as above) in what YEAR will you first "officially" enroll in ECTS courses at CSUSB?

    PLEASE NOTE: After officially enrolling in any courses at CSUSB anyone who misses more than one quarter will need to reapply for admission! Anyone admitted to CSUSB as "ECTS Only" is expected to complete all of their ECTS courses within ONE YEAR! The best plan is to just keep taking ECTS courses every quarter, until all needed ECTS courses have been completed!

  7. What have you done about the "measles" vaccination requirement?

    Almost all CSUSB students must verify that they have had a measles vaccination before they are allowed to register for courses for their second quarter. If this verification is not on file with CSUSB Student Health Services, registration will be blocked. The good news is that it is fairly easy to provide this verification. It can be faxed or mailed directly to Student Health Services. Please call the Measles Hotline at (909) 880-7356 for details. Additional information is posted at: Student Health Center - Immunizations

  8. Do you have any particular problems (challenges) relative to the admission or registration process?

    If yes, please explain as specifically as possible. If no, just indicate "none."

Please emulate the FORMAT of
Fred's FA5 Report


The completed report should be e-mailed to the course instructor who will respond via e-mail and make specific suggestions to any scholars who may need to modify or correct their FA5 Report in order to earn full credit.

NOTE: Anyone who does not intend to apply for a Designated Subjects Teaching Credential can earn full credit for this assignment without answering any of the above questions. All they need to do is provide a one sentence explanation as follows: "I do not intend to pursue a Designated Subjects Teaching Credential at this time!"