FA6 - Culture and Video

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We live in a very interesting and highly diverse culture. The more we know about that culture, the better prepared we will be to effectively interact with our students. Although there are many ways to learn about our culture and how it has evolved (a continuing process), one very important way is through the plethora of movies produced and distributed every year.

Popular movies play an important role in our culture. They convey information that influences both what and how we think. Almost everyone has been influenced (in either a positive or negative way) by what they have seen in movies. Movies in video format (DVD and VHS) are readily available almost everywhere and can be rented or purchased at very reasonable prices. A partial list of popular movies (with links to information about each movie) that Dr. Pendleton has found to be of particular interest is posted on his personal web site. Follow this link to see the list of Movies.


Please select and view any popular movie you think might be worthwhile for students in a class you teach (and/or professional colleagues) to see. Write a brief report on that movie. Indicate the title of the movie, the year it was first released and a short synopsis of what the movie is about. Then indicate why, or why not, you believe the movie was worthwhile and mention specific points relating to ethical and/or cultural issues addressed in the movie that could be discussed with students and/or colleagues.

There is no example for FA6, just follow the directions in the paragraph above, and comply with the Required E-MAIL Standards. Please focus on what you believe to be of most value and endeavor to express that both clearly and concisely.

PLEASE NOTE: The "movies" we are talking about here are not the type of "how to" movies that technical instructors frequently use as part of their instruction, but rather "popular" movies that have the potential to cause viewers to reflect about values associated with learning and/or teaching.

CAUTION: Do not show, or even recommend, any movies to students in classes you teach that include content that could be considered "inappropriate" for those students! In most cases movies that contain explicitly sexual or highly violent content are considered to be "inappropriate!" If you have any doubt about anything you are considering using in class, check with your immediate supervisor first!


This assignment should be completed and e-mailed to the ECTS 501 course instructor ASAP. The instructor will notify each scholar by return e-mail either that all criteria have been met or, if anything further needs to be done, what the scholar must do to earn full credit.