FA7 - Critical Vocabulary

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In order to gain knowledge and master skills, it is essential to be able to correctly use related vocabulary. For every course there are a number of words that are critical to the instructional process. There are four parts to this assignment: first, find a deffinition for each of the 12 words in the Computer Terminology section and include that definition after each of the words; second, find a deffinition for each of the 12 words in the Educational Terminology section and include that definition after each of the words;third, Indicate how you might include each of the Guiding Principles into classroom lessons and/or activities; fourth, (highly recommended for additional Credit) include twelve words (with their definitions) related to a subject that you teach or would like to teach.


Definitions for most of these words can be found within this ECTS 501 T-Text. If you can't find a definition there, please indicate where you did find it.

You should copy and paste all of the words on the list into a word processing document and then, when you find each definition, enter that definition into the same document. Of course you can copy and paste the definitions too, but if the word and/or the definition are unfamiliar to you, actually writing out the word and the definition will help you to remember it and the correct spelling of it.

Some scholars have found it helpful to make a 3 by 5 note card for each and every word on the list with the word on one side of the card and the definition of the word on the other side. Use those cards to help learn the words and their definitions.

All scholars are encouraged to start working on their vocabulary lists ASAP.

Please do NOT send any your vocabulary as an attachment. Copy and paste whatever you have from your FA7 document directly into the text of an e-mail message OR post it on your own personal web site and e-mail the instructor the link that leads directly to the web page where your completed FA7 Vocabulary is posted.

There is no example for FA7, so just follow the directions in the paragraphs above, and follow link just below to the ...

Vocabulary words and Guiding Principles


FULL CREDIT - All scholars who submit a list with all of the vocabulary words spelled and defined correctly and comments included relative to the guiding principles will earn full credit.

ADDITIONAL CREDIT - Scholars are highly encouraged to list of at least 12 words with correct definitions of critical vocabulary words for a course they teach (or would like to teach). Scholars who do this will receive valuable additional credit (be sure to request the additional credit when submitting the completed assignment).