FA8 - Tools for Teaching

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Teaching involves much more than just talking and anyone who wants to become an effective (or more effective) instructor is encouraged to acquire at least the basic tools described below. In some cases, some of the tools may be provided by the institution at which one has been hired as a teacher, but in any event it will be beneficial to actually own each of the tools described below, maintain those tools in good working order and update them when needed. This is a basic list and most teachers will find they need to add tools to the list that relate to their particular teaching situation.

PLEASE NOTE: Although I have made some current updates to this page, the basic information dates back to 2004 and educational technology (all technology) has advanced significantly since then and continues to evolve at an ever increasing pace. I believe this FA8 assignment is still a good starting place, but encourage everyone to continue to investigate new technologies how existing technology is continuing to evolve!


Please review the information about each of the tools described below: SCROLL DOWN and follow the links that lead to related information. Then prepare a report to e-mail to the instructor.

First list and briefly describe (in order of importance) each of the tools you currently have. Please indicate when you first acquired that tool, when you plan to upgrade or replace it, and a specific example of how you use it.

Then list and briefly describe (in order of importance) any of the tools you don't yet have. Please describe the way in which each tool might be, or might not be, helpful to you.

If you teach in a program, such as Automotive Repair, that involves the use of lots of different tools, DO NOT list those. The idea here is just to provide information about tools that are, or can be, of value to the instructor (you) relative to the process of teaching. If you are using, or plan to use, any teaching related tools not mentioned below (such as a palm pilot or whatever), please include and describe those in one of your two lists.

There is no example for FA8, just follow the directions in the paragraphs above, and comply with the Required E-MAIL Standards. Please focus on what you believe to be of most value and endeavor to express that both clearly and concisely.



There is no "Instructor's ScoreSheet" for this assignment. The 501 instructor will notify each scholar by return e-mail either that all criteria have been met or, if anything further needs to be done, what the scholar must do to earn full credit.