FA9 - Related Studies

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Being an effective teacher involves quite a bit more than just knowing about the subject to be taught. The ECTS courses are designed to help develop good teaching skills, but becoming a really good teacher (which is a never ending process) involves development in a variety areas. In order to direct ECTS Scholars to basic information that can lead to better teaching, a series of related studies are described below. Many of those studies can be started by simply enrolling in a class (as indicated), and everyone can expand their knowledge through selective reading and web surfing.


Each ECTS Scholar should prepare a report with a brief description of how he/she has addressed, is addressing, or plans to address, each of the related studies listed below. The report should be organized so that the areas of study are listed in the order of most importance to the scholar, beginning with the most important. Completed reports should be e-mailed to the ECTS 501 course instructor.

There is no example for FA9, just follow the directions in the paragraph above, and comply with the Required E-MAIL Standards. Please focus on what you believe to be of most value and endeavor to express that both clearly and concisely.

Start by reading the information below about each area of related study:

EVALUATION - Evaluation

The 501 instructor will notify each scholar by return e-mail either that all criteria have been met or, if anything further needs to be done, what the scholar must do to earn full credit. For additional credit, simply read any of the suggested
Books about Life-&-Death and include a brief description of what you learned from that.