Distance Learning Contract

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Start by first briefly reviewing the information in this ECTS 501 E-TEXT. Then send an e-mail message to the ECTS 501 course instructor requesting the "DL Contract". That message may be sent before officially enrolling in the ECTS 501 course, but must be sent no later than the end of the first week of classes for anyone who is officially enrolled.

The "Subject" of that e-mail message should be "501 DL Contract Request" and all five the following items should be included:
  1. An introductory statement that includes your full name, your CSUSB Student ID number (if you have one), and your e-mail address.

  2. Information about where you are currently employed as a teacher (if applicable), the type of type of teaching credential you have and the date that credential expires (if applicable), and the subjects you teach or would like to teach, OR indicate if any or all of that does not apply to you and why you need (or want) to take the ECTS 501 course.

  3. A statement indicating that you have reviewed the material in the ECTS 501 E-TEXT and the date by which you beleive you will have all of the assignments completed (Please e-mail each assignment to the course instructor as soon as you have completed it. Anyone who completes all of the sssignments within the first five weeks of the quarter will receive an additional 5 points of extra credit!). If you have a personal web site on which you will be posting ECTS 501 assignments, provide the URL for the home page of the ECTS 501 part of that web site OR indicate that you will be submitting all of your assignments (except the video tape) via e-mail.

  4. A statement indicating that you have reviewed the information posted on the ECTS Web Site about admission to CSUSB and the MyCoyote online process for enrolling in the ECTS 501 course. Indicate the Quarter and year that you are (or intend to be) officially enrolled in the ECTS 501 course and any other ECTS courses you will enroll in (or have enrolled in) for that quarter.

  5. A statement indicating that you have completed the FA2 Data Sheet and have either mailed that to the ECTS 501 instructor via US Postal Mail OR have it attached to your DL Contract Request as a one page pdf or MS Word document.
The ECTS 501 instructor will respond to your DL Contract Request as soon as he (or she) receives it, either indicating that it is "approved" or requesting further clarification if needed.

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