ECTS 501 Grade Request

Important Information for ECTS Scholars

ECTS 501 Distance Learning Scholars who complete all assignments on or before the end of the quarter they are officially enrolled in ECTS 501 at CSUSB, and who score FULL CREDIT on all assignments, will have good justification to request an "A" grade. However, in order to receive that grade, scholars must e-mail a Grade Request to the ECTS 501 course instructor in which they indicate the grade they believe they have earned (either "A" or "B") and briefly describe why that grade is deserved. Any grade of less than "B-" will not be accepted as meeting "credentialing" requirements.

The Grade Request must list and briefly describe specific things the scholar has done that indicate accomplishments of "merit" relative to assignments for the ECTS 501 course and/or successful application of specific principles addressed in the course.

Follow this link to see the example of - Fred's "Grade Request".

The course instructor will respond via e-mail to the Grade Request from each scholar (confirming the actual grade earned) after all of that scholar's ECTS 501 assignments have been completed.

CSUSB does not mail out grade reports, but official grades can be checked online after the end of the quarter in which the scholar is officially enrolled. Follow this link to log on and check your CSUSB MyCoyote Stedent Records .