LOOK EA4 Peer Evaluation of Two Lessons
Distance Learning Option

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The EA4 Peer Evaluations are designed to provide an opportunity for EVOC Scholars to gain insight from evaluating other instructors. A lot that can be learned form seeing what other instructors do: some things that we may want to incorporate into our own teaching, and some things we may want to avoid or eliminate from how we teach.

Evaluate two lessons presented by other instructors. Those may be the two Quicktime videos in this E-TEXT of lessons presented by scholars from previous EVOC 501 courses OR two lessons actually observed in any educational setting presented by any other instructors.

Follow the two links just below to see the Quicktime videos:
  1. ECTS Milton Jackson Scholar - Demonstration Lesson.
  2. ECTS Michele Jackson Scholar - Demonstration Lesson.
  3. ECTS Dennis Baylis Scholar - Demonstration Lesson.
  4. ECTS Jane Read Scholar - Demonstration Lesson.
  5. ECTS Leighann Stone Scholar - Deomonstraion Lesson.
Whether the evaluations are done of the Quicktime videos or of other instructors, both evaluations must include the narrative information indicated for each of the following nine areas:
  1. Identifying information about the instructor being evaluated Do not indicate the true name of that instructor or the name of the school where the lesson was presented.

  2. A statement of what the instructor's students should be able to do as a result of the lesson (student performance objective).

  3. A brief description of the setting in which the lesson took place.

  4. A brief description of equipment and/or materials used for the lesson.

  5. A brief description of how the lesson was introduced (anticipatory set).

  6. What the instructor did best in presenting the lesson (positive reinforcement)

  7. How the instructor might make the lesson better (constructive criticism).

  8. A brief description of how the instructor checked for student understanding.

  9. Your overall impression of the effectiveness of the lesson you observed.
Follow this link to see the example of the EA4 Peer Evaluation.

Both EA4 evaluations should be e-mailed to the EVOC 501 course instructor.

If you choose to evaluate lessons presented by fellow instructors do not even mention the word "evaluate". Just tell them you are taking a course in which you need to "observe" another instructor present a short lesson and then ask them if it would be OK for you to observe one of their short lessons. Also, you should not show anyone what you have written for EA4 and should avoid making any critical comments to other instructors about anything you observed related to EA4. Later on in the EVOC series of courses we will address how to make suggestions to other instructors when you think such suggestions might be helpful, but for this assignment the focus is just on observing and then reporting what you saw to the EVOC 501 course instructor.

This assignment is worth six points and scholars who address all nine areas indicated above for both of the peer evaluations, and who follow the format of the Fudrucker example, will earn full credit.

November 2004