FA3 - Class Roster

The Class Roster should consist of the names of at least 10 students in a class that the scholar has either taught or attended. Following the name of each student listed please include a brief narrative statement indicating something positive about that student that will help the instructor remember who the student is. The idea is for the instructor to be able to demonstrate interest in the student by remembering something positive that the student does, has done or has shown interest in.

Please indicate the grade level, and subject area of the class (or fictitious class) in which the stucents (or fictitious students) are members.

Follow the example of: E-mail your completed FA3 class roster to the ECTS 501 course instructor.

ADDITIONAL CREDIT can be earned by including a small photo of each student named with all photos, names and comments in the same document (either MS Word or PDF).

Privacy issues sometimes prevent sharing information about students. If that should be the case, it is OK to be creative with this assignment and use fictitious names and photos. The idea here is simply to consider how any or all of this could help to facilitate positive reinforcement in a situation where you are teaching or possibly could teach at some future time.