LP1 Lesson Plan

Carefully review all of the Traditional Option information for LP1 posted for the:

Before starting on your LP1 Lesson Plan it is essential to complete the The LP1 Lesson Plan for Distance Learning Scholars differs slightly from the LP1 Lesson Plan for Traditional Option Scholars. Under the "EQUIPMENT and MATERIALS required for the lesson" section of Fred's LP1 Lesson Plan, "OVERHEAD PROJECTOR" and "TRANSPARENCY" should be replaced with "COMPUTER MONITOR" and "POWER POINT PRESENTATION" or "FLIP CHART" and "ILLUSTRATION."

Using an
OVERHEAD PROJECTOR when video taping can cause problems with lighting and that can be avoided by using a FLIP CHART with ILLUSTRATION or using a POWER POINT PRESENTATION. Using a "CRT" COMPUTER MONITOR with a POWER POINT PRESENTATION may result in a "flicker" problem with whatever is being shown on the monitor, but that is acceptable under our circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: all LP1 Lesson Plans must be based on a student performance objective (just like the example) indicating that when "given the definition of (a particular word), students will write that word, spelling it correctly!" The format for all Lesson Plans should match the format exemplified in:
Your LP1 Lesson Plan should be posted on your Web site, or e-mailed to the ECTS 501 instructor, and approved by the ECTS 501 Instructor before you proceed with the video recording of your LP1 Lesson.