LP2 Lesson Plan - DL Option

Carefully review all of the Traditional Option information for LP2 posted for the:

The LP2 Lesson Plan for Distance Learning Scholars should follow the same format as the LP2 Lesson Plan for Traditional Option Scholars (follow the link just above).

No "Instructor's Scoresheet" for the LP2 Lesson Plan need be provided by DL Scholars.

Please note that your LP2 Lesson Plan must be based on a student performance objective that stipulates only a simple task, using simple materials and/or tools, that students should be able to do as a result of seeing the instructor demonstrate that task. You are also required to produce a handout that will describe the step-by step process (no less than 3 and no more than 9 specific steps). The format for your Lesson Plan should match the format exemplified in:
Your LP2 Lesson Plan should be posted on your Web site and approved by the EVOC 501 Instructor before you proceed with the video recording of your LP2 Lesson.