501 Quiz 1
Follow text links to information indicated.

ECTS 501 Scholars should read each question below carefully, follow the "Refer to" link to the related information, read that information carefully, formulate answers as clearly and concisely as possible, then e-mail all of the questions and answers to the ECTS 501 course instructor as soon as possible (sometime before the end of Week 2 would be good. :~)

Question 1 - What is item number 4 in the Distance Learning Contract about and why is that important?
Question 2 - What are the two rules in the Prime Directive for ECTS 501 and why are they important?
Question 3 - Why are cover memos required for the WR assignments and how might they be of help to a scholar preparing a WR assignment for ECTS 501?
Question 4 - How are ECTS 501 assignments graded and when are they due?
Question 5 - What does e-mail standard #5 say about "The best way to create an e-mail message" and about "attachments"?