LOOK 501 Quiz 2
Follow text links to information indicated.

ECTS 501 Scholars should read each question below carefully, follow the "Refer to" link to the related information, read that information carefully, formulate answers as clearly and concisely as possible, then e-mail all of the questions and answers to the ECTS 501 course instructor as soon as possible (sometime before the end of Week 2 would be good. :~)

Question 1 - What is the purpose of a lesson plan and why should there be a written lesson plan for each and every student performance objective?
Question 2 - What are the four parts of a Student Performance Objective? Name the four parts and briefly explain what each part means.
Question 3 - What are the three domains of learning postulated in Bloom's Taxonomy? Briefly explain each one.
Question 4 - Which of the Oral Communication Skills listed are you best at? Which do you most need to work on? Explain how you have improved or how you plan to improve on any one of skills listed.
Question 5 - Describe how a teacher should ask questions of students in class and indicate why it is important to do it that way.