501 Quiz 3
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ECTS 501 Scholars should read each question below carefully, follow the "Refer to" link to the related information, read that information carefully, formulate answers as clearly and concisely as possible, then e-mail all of the questions and answers to the ECTS 501 course instructor as soon as possible (sometime before the end of Week 3 would be good. :~)

Question 1 - What is the difference between an instructional goal and a student performance objective?
Question 2 - Why are verbs so important when writing student performance objectives? Provide examples of good verbs and examples of bad verbs. Explain why the good verbs are good and why the bad verbs are bad
Question 3 - What is the difference between a course outline and a course syllabus? Provide an brief example of a course syllabus for a course that you could teach.
Question 4 - What five things should be considered when developing student activities? Briefly explain why each one is important.
Question 5 - After reading the short essay referenced below, write an objective from your own teaching speciality that can be measured by a multiple choice test question and then write a test question that will measure EXACTLY what the objective indicates the student should be able to do.