501 Quiz 4
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ECTS 501 Scholars should read each question below carefully, follow the "Refer to" link to the related information, read that information carefully, formulate answers as clearly and concisely as possible, then e-mail all of the questions and answers to the ECTS 501 course instructor as soon as possible (sometime before the end of Week 4 would be good. :~)

Question 1 - What type of written test questions do you prefer to use in a course you could teach? Explain why. Provide an example of an objective and related test question.
Question 2 - Of the strategies listed and described in the articlewhich three grading strategies do you believe to be most effective? Explain why in the context of the circumstances under which you teach or expect to teach.
Question 3 - How does constructive criticism differ from conventional criticism? Provide an example of each and indicate why constructive criticism is better.
Question 4 - What do we test when we test reading comprehension?
Question 5 - (for ADDITIONAL CREDIT) - Select any book from "Dr. Pendleton's Recommendsd Books" and briefly describe what you learned from reading that book.