ECTS 501 Final Examination

Final Exams (if needed) will be e-mailed to scholars as soon as all of their assignments have been submitted to and evaluated by the ECTS 501 course instructor. Scholars who receive exams must complete them and e-mail them back to the instructor within one week.

Scholars who have earned less than full credit on any of the ECTS 501 assignments and/or who have been late in submitting assignments may be asked to complete a Final Exam. The ECTS 501 course instructor will e-mail specific instructions to each scholar who needs to take the final exam.

One Last (Optional) Activity

For those who found the ECTS 501 course to be of particular interest, there is one last related activity that may prove to be of personal value. No points are involved and it will not affect your final grade one way or another. Those who choose to do it will do so simply because they feel it may lead to additional information and material that would be helpful in their continuing evolution an a teacher/learner.

Here it is. Below are listed the names of 15 authors who whose written work has influenced the continuing development of the ECTS 501 course. See what you can find out about each author and then indicate what you believe might be of most interest to you from what each one has written. Rearrange the names so that your list starts with the name of the author you believe may be of most interest to you at this time and ends with the name of the author you believe may be of least to you at this time. Please indicate the titles of any books you have already read by each author. Then, if applicable, indicate the name of a particular book that you beleive you may read for each author. Try to limit what you say to not more than two of three sentences for each author. Send me what you have written via e-mail with the subject title being "501 Last Activity" followed by your name. I will respond to whatever you send me. These are the names of the authors: