WR1 - List of Resources

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Each scholar will prepare a list of instructional resources, relative to a particular course that he/she might be called upon to teach, in accordance with the criteria listed below.


Any information or material that can be used in support of a teaching/learning situation can be defined as an instructional resource. One of major responsibilitiyof a good instructor is to find and/or make available instructional resources that will help his/her students acquire knowledge of specific topics. The WR1 assignment is intended to provide an opportunity to develop a basic list of good instructional resources (along with a brief narrative description of each resource) that can be used in support of teaching/learning situations in the field of study in which the scholar is an instructor. Listing resources in a standard bibliographic formatis good academic practice and is expected of ECTS Scholars.


It is expected that each scholar will:
  1. Review and comply with all of the General Criteria for WR Assignments.

  2. Emulate the Fred Fudrucker example for FORMAT (including the Cover Memo), but provide original CONTENT.

  3. Provide a brief WRITTEN COURSE DESCRIPTION (as in the Fred Fudrucker example) for a particular course that scholar could instruct or has instructed.

  4. List FIVE instructional resources in a standard BIBLIOGRAPHIC FORMAT(as in the Fred Fudrucker example) that could be used in support of that course.

  5. Include at least one WEB SITEand at least one BOOK in the list.

  6. Immediately following each resource listed, provide a brief one or two sentence NARRATIVE DESCRIPTION (as in the Fred Fudrucker example) of that resource.


Follow the format illustrated in Fred's WR1 Assignment EXAMPLE.

Web sites, books, parts of books, magazine articles, films, both audio and video tapes, teacher developed materials and certain people are all appropriate instructional resources. Any resources that you might use or any resources that you might recommend to your students would be appropriate to include in the list.

If you use a search engineto locate resources to list in this report (recommended), be sure to indicate the both the name and the URLof that search engine in the proper place on the Cover Memo.

EVALUATION - evaluation

Either e-mail the ECTS 501 course instructor indicating where (URL) your WR1 has been posted on your own web site OR send your WR1 assignment to the instructor via e-mail (all within one e-mail message with no attachments). If all of the criteria have been met and the same format used as in the example, the assignment will earn full credit.