WR2 - Topics & Tasks

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Each scholar will prepare a list specific topics and will brielly describe a specific task relative to each topic, in accordance with the criteria listed below.


A good instructor must be able to communicate SPECIFIC information students need (TOPICS) and define exactly what students should be able to DO (TASKS) as a result of the information that has been communicated.

Many instructors never get beyond presenting information. Such instructors usually believe that the information is important, but without communicating how students can use that information to accomplish SPECIFIC TASKS, they often fail to motivate their students. In addition, the only way knowledge can be effectively measured is through requiring students to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and skill through the accomplishment (observed and evaluated by the instructor) of a specific task. Such tasks, in a classroom environment, are usually presented in the form of test questions, and in a shop or lab envirinment, as student projects or performance evaluations.

This assignment is intended to provide an opportunity to distinguish between TOPICS that instructors present and related specific TASKS that students are expected to accomplish. Although information is certainly important, it is equally important for instructors to clearly communicate, with deliberateness, exactly what students should be able to DO with that information.


It is expected that each scholar will:
  1. Comply with all of the General Criteria for WR Assignments.

  2. Emulate the Fred Fudrucker example for FORMAT, but provide original CONTENT.

  3. Write a brief SYNOPSIS of the description of the "occupation" that your course is intended to prepare people for, as that occupation is described in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) and indicate whether or not you believe theinformation in the DOT is accurate. Refer to either the hardcopy edition of the DOT available at any library, OR the online edition of the DOT at:


  4. List and briefly describe FIVE TOPICS appropriate for the course you teach (specific information about some particular content area in your course relative to the occupation described above).

  5. On a separate list, describe an appropriate SPECIFIC TASK for EACH of the five topics described. These tasks should be written in terms that indicate exactly what it is that STUDENTS are expected to be able to DO.

  6. For each task indicate how student competency will be measured (as illustrated in the Fudrucker example).


To insure that the tasks you meet the requirements for this assignment, follow this link to Important Information about Student Performance,

AND this link for specific critical information about WR2 tasks.

Follow the format illustrated in Fred's WR2 Assignment EXAMPLE.

Consider the various sources from which information presented in your class comes. Review the material about Student Performance Objectives posted on this web site relative to how tasks should be stipulated. Discuss topics and tasks with your advisory committee and/or other instructors.

EVALUATION - evaluation

Either e-mail the ECTS 501 course instructor indicating where (URL) your WR1 has been posted on your own web site OR send your WR1 assignment to the instructor via e-mail (all within one e-mail message with no attachments). If all of the criteria have been met and the same format used as in the example, the assignment will earn full credit.

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