WR3 - Course & Unit Plans

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Each scholar will prepare a One Page Sample Course Plan and a One Page Sample Unit Plan in accordance with the criteria listed below.


A course plan should describe instructional blocks (usually referred to as "units") that constitute a course. A unit plan should briefly describe each of the particular lessons that constitute that unit. Lessons that are similar (or which need to be presented sequentially) should be grouped into units. This assignment is intended to provide an opportunity for the scholars in this class to demonstrate initiative relative to how they might (or how they have) organized a particular course they could teach (or are teaching) into several units each of which includes a number short specific lessons.

Please note that while the amount of time required for different lessons will vary, for this (WR3) assignment it is expected that scholars will focus on short lessons (not more than 5 to minutes) in which student performance is clearly indicated in specific terms and that each lesson is based on a single specific, easily measured task that students might reasonably be able to accomplish in a short period of time.


It is expected that each scholar will:
  1. Comply with all of the General Criteria for WR Assignments.

  2. Emulate the Fred Fudrucker example for FORMAT, but include your own CONTENT.

  3. Develop a one page SAMPLE COURSE PLAN that includes a course description and a description of each of three typical units.

  4. Develop a one page SAMPLE UNIT PLAN that includes a unit description (one of the units from the course description) and a description of each of three typical lessons.

  5. Indicate the TIME REQUIRED to complete the entire course, each unit and each lesson described.

  6. Lesson descriptions should focus on SPECIFIC STUDENT PERFORMANCE that involves only SIMPLE TASKS in the context of SHORT LESSONS.


Consider how information about a course you teach can be organized so that it will be easy for you to present and easy for your students to follow. Review the information about: Follow the format in Fred Fudrucker's WR3 Example.

EVALUATION - evaluation

Either e-mail the ECTS 501 course instructor indicating where (URL) your WR1 has been posted on your own web site OR send your WR1 assignment to the instructor via e-mail (all within one e-mail message with no attachments). If all of the criteria have been met and the same format used as in the example, the assignment will earn full credit.

July 2015