WR4 - Teaching English Learners

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Before beginning this assignment, read Chapter 2.3 - "Nature of Teaching and Learning in Career and Technical Education Programs" and Chapter 3.4 - "English Language Learner Strategies for Work-Based Learning" with particular attention to  Part 3 - "Teaching and Learning in Career and Technical Education Programs" in the book:

Teaching English Language Learners in Career and Technical Education Programs 

Then describe how those concepts were applied, or could have been applied and modeled in your LP2 "demonstration and directed discovery" lesson. Appendix B may help to stimulate your creativity.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any difficilty finding the above referenced book, please e-mail the course instructor ASAP for further direction. The "Subject" line for that e-mail should be "501 - WR4 - Help!" (followed by your last name).


Each scholar will write a report discussing the importance and impact of work-based learning to English learners, in accordance with the criteria listed below.


A good instructor must be able to communicate SPECIFIC information students need  and define exactly what students should be able to DO (TASKS) as a result of the information that has been communicated.  This is a challenge to instructors and English learners alike.

Teaching English language skills in Career and Technical education is especially effective.  The nature of Work-based learning makes language acquisition meaningful on a personal level, because it is essential to working in most occupations.

This assignment is intended to provide an opportunity to explore the concept of teaching English learners in a work-based Career and Technical learning environment.  Your task is to write a report based on the reading assignment from Teaching English Language Learners in Career and Technical Education Programs outlined above based on the criteria outlined below.


It is expected that each scholar will:

  1. Comply with all of the General Criteria for WR Assignments.
  2. Discuss the concept of framework and bridging contextual learning relevant to a course you teach or plan to teach.
  3. Define work-based learning and explain why it is so important to English language learners.
  4. Describe the most common forms of work-based learning.
  5. Relate work-based learning to English language learning.
  6. Describe 5 specific strategies you can use in a class you are teaching or plan to teach for supporting English language learners in work-based learning for your occupation.


To insure that the tasks you meet the requirements for this assignment, follow this link to Important Information about Student Performance,

Follow the format illustrated in Fred's WR4 Assignment EXAMPLE.

Consider the various sources from which information presented in your class comes. Review the material about Student Performance Objectives posted on this web site relative to how tasks should be stipulated. Discuss topics and tasks with your advisory committee and/or other instructors.

EVALUATION - evaluation

Either e-mail the ECTS 501 course instructor that your WR4 has been posted on your own web site OR send your WR4 assignment to the instructor via e-mail (all in one e-mail with no attachments).

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