502 WA3
Course Budget Proposal

Specific Information and Criteria

OBJECTIVE - Each EVOC 502 scholar will develop a proposal for a course budget, in accordance with the six criteria indicated below, for a course he/she might teach or is presently teaching.

RATIONALE - Cost is basic and essential consideration in every educational institution. Many good courses have been cut from the curriculum because they were perceived to be "too expensive." Unless teachers are able to explain and defend costs associated with the courses they teach, thouse courses (and the jobs of the teachers) could be eliminated! Every vocational instructor should be able to prepare a simple basic budget that clearly shows how much money any particular course is likely to cost and how much money it is likely to generate.

CRITERIA - It is expected that each scholar will:

  1. Comply with all of the General Criteria for Written Assignments.

  2. Provide a brief narrative description of the course (similar to course descriptions prepared for the Course and Unit Plan Assignment from the EVOC 501 course) that indicates what the course is all about and the time frame for course delivery.

  3. List all of the expenses that would be incurred to run the course for one complete term. All items should be clearly identified. List items under separate categories such as facilities, equipment, materials, faculty, staff support and special activities.

  4. Make realistic estimates of the actual expenses based on information that reflects existing circumstances and resources.

  5. Indicate how much money the course is likely to generate (ADA or other institutional standard) on the basis of projected enrollment.

  6. Limit the length of the budget document to not more than two or three pages following the Fred Fudrucker format (see below) OR, submit an actual budget on forms required by an actual educational institution.
RESOURCES - Solicit information from administrators at the institution at which you teach and ask the administrator to whom you report to review the budgetary process (both expenses and income) as it applies to the courses that you teach. Take a look at Fred Fudrucker's WA3 Example to see what a correctly formatted WA3 budget proposal should look like.