EVOC 502 WA5
Public Relations Event

Specific Information and Criteria

OBJECTIVE - Each EVOC 502 scholar will develop a written plan, in accordance with the six criteria indicated below, for a public relations event relative to a course he/she might teach or is presently teaching.

RATIONALE - As vocational educators it is very important that we gain the understanding and support of the people in our community. Those people can help in many ways, but they need to know what we are doing and see the same sort of good in it that we do. That means that we have a professional responsibility to "spread the good news" whenever and however we can.

CRITERIA - It is expected that each scholar will:

  1. Comply with all of the General Criteria for Written Assignments.

  2. Develop a plan for a particular EVENT or ACTIVITY that will promote good public relations for a particular existing course or program and indicate why that event or activity is likely to have good public relations value.

  3. Format the plan as a proposal and address the proposal to a school administrator who would be in a position to approve and support it. Indicate why the event will be beneficial to the school.

  4. Provide an estimate of how much money the event will cost and related information about what type of support will be required (facilities, materials, staff time, etc.).

  5. Include a timeline that specifies information about WHAT needs to be done, WHEN it needs to be done and WHO will do it.

  6. List and briefly describe at least one good resource from which further information about planning public relations events can be obtained.

RESOURCES - Solicit information and suggestions from administrators and other instructors at the institution at which you teach who have worked on public relations events. Visit the library and tell the librarian you want to find information about planning public relations events. Use an online search engine to look for "event planing" and/or "public relations." Take a look at Fred Fudrucker's WA5 Example to see what a correctly formatted WA5 proposal should look like.

One point is associated with each of the six criteria listed above.

This assignment may be submitted via e-mail, posted on a Web site or turned in as a hard copy document. Under all circumstances it should be completed on or before the date indicated on the EVOC 502/3 Class Schedule.