General Criteria for
EVOC 502/503 Assignments
In addition to the SA (Support Activities) that are common to both EVOC 502 and EVOC 503, and the two BR (Book Reports) there are twelve specific Written Assignments: six for EVOC 502 and another six for EVOC 503.

Written Assignments may be posted on the scholar's web site or prepared as a MS Word documents. In either case the format used for the Fred Fudrucker examples should be closely followed.

Refer to the WA (Written Assignment) links in the EVOC 502/503 Assignments List to see the specific criteria for each assignment and follow the general criteria below for ALL of the Written Assignments: Assignments that are prepared in compliance with all of the geeneral criteria stated above and meet all of the specific criteria stated on the individual information page for each assignment will earn full credit. Satisfactory completion of all SA, WA and BR assignments will result in an "A" grade in both EVOV 502 and EVOC 503.