EVOC 503 WA3
Pre Course Survey

Specific Information and Criteria

OBJECTIVE - Each EVOC 503 scholar will develop a Pre Course Survey instrument, in accordance with the six criteria indicated below, for a specific course that he/she might teach or is presently teaching.

RATIONALE - In order to provide effective educational experiences for their students, instructors need to know who those students are. A Pre Course Survey instrument can/should be used at the beginning of any/every course to solicit information from students about background, and motivational factors that can influence student attitudes and effect learning. There is no such thing as a "definitive" survey: it is the responsibility of each instructor to develop and revise whatever types of questions may be needed in order to collect information about his/her students.

CRITERIA - It is expected that each scholar will:

  1. Comply with all of the General Criteria for Written Assignments.

  2. Develop an "Pre Course Survey" instrument for a particular course. The survey should not be more than 1 page (typewritten or word processed).

  3. The survey should be designed so that students are required to actually write answers to specific questions and have enough room on the form to write their answers.

  4. Include questions that begin with words like "how," "what" and "why."

  5. Avoid questions that suggest the expected answer and questions that can be answered by single words such as "yes" or "no."

  6. On the cover memo (see #1 above) indicate and briefly describe at least one specific resource from which additional information about student surveys can be obtained.

RESOURCES - Solicit information from school counselors who have used student survey forms. Visit the library and/or use an online search engine to look for information on "student surveys" and "interest inventories." Take a look at Fred Fudrucker's WA3 Example to see what a correctly formatted WA3 Pre Course Survey should look like.

One point is associated with each of the six criteria listed above.

This assignment may be submitted via e-mail, posted on a Web site or turned in as a hard copy document. Under all circumstances it should be completed on or before the date indicated on the EVOC 502/3 Class Schedule.