EVOC 503 WA4
Post Course Survey

Specific Information and Criteria

OBJECTIVE - Each EVOC 503 scholar will develop a Post Course Survey instrument, in accordance with the six criteria indicated below, for a specific course that he/she might teach or is presently teaching.

RATIONALE - In order to continue to improve the quality of their instruction, instructors need to find out what the students "feel" about how the instruction has been designed and delivered. A Post Course Survey instrument can/should be used at the end of any/every course to solicit information from students about specific aspects of the course. There is no such thing as a "definitive" survey: it is the responsibility of each instructor to develop and revise post course survey instruments that will provide a good indication about how students feel about the instruction they received.

CRITERIA - It is expected that each scholar will:

  1. Comply with all of the General Criteria for Written Assignments.

  2. Develop an "Post Course Survey" instrument for a particular course. The survey should not be more than 1 page (typewritten or word processed).

  3. The survey should be designed so that students are required rate statements made about the course and actually write clarifying and/or additional information.

  4. Include at least seven statements that students can rate on a five point scale with raitings such as "strongly agree, agree, undecided, disagree, strongly disagree."

  5. Avoid statements that include overly strong, overly general or inappropriate language (such as "this is the best course I've ever had" or "this course really sucked").

  6. Include a designated space at the bottom of the survey form for "Additional Comments."

RESOURCES - Solicit information from teachers who have used end of course surveys. Visit the library and/or use an online search engine to look for information on "end of course surveys." Take a look at Fred Fudrucker's WA4 Example to see what a correctly formatted WA4 Post Course Survey should look like.

One point is associated with each of the six criteria listed above.

This assignment may be submitted via e-mail, posted on a Web site or turned in as a hard copy document. Under all circumstances it should be completed on or before the date indicated on the EVOC 502/3 Class Schedule.