School Board Meeting
503 WA6 Specific Information and Criteria

OBJECTIVE - Each EVOC 503 scholar will attend a local School Board meeting and prepare a written report on what transpired there, in accordance with the six criteria indicated below.

RATIONALE - There is much to be learned from attending a meeting of the local school board. Everyone involved with instruction should have the opportunity of seeing how decisions are made that impact on what occurs in the classroom. It is also important to be able to report accurately on what transpired in the form of a clear and explicit synopsis.

CRITERIA - It is expected that each scholar will:
  1. Briefly describe how he/she found out about the school board meeting (dial-a-prayer, or ...?).

  2. Indicate what locality (geographic area) the school board has jurisdiction in and where and when the meeting was held.

  3. Attend the meeting and write a brief synopsis of what occurred at that meeting.

  4. Indicate the full name of each school board member and (if available) his or her occupational background.

  5. Indicate what the major topic of discussion was and what was, or was not, resolved as a result of the discussion.

  6. Indicate what personal value was derived from attending the meeting.

RESOURCES - Read the minutes from previous school board meetings. Ask different individual school board members what they believe to be the most important function of the school board. Visit the library and/or use an online search engine to look for information on "school boards." To see examples of WA6 School Board Reports look at the following:


One point is associated with each of the six criteria listed above. One additional point can be earned by any scholar who posts this assignment on his/her web site and/or an additional point earned for including photos of the school board members (as in the Jim Rader example).

This assignment may be posted on the scholar's web site or turned in as a hard copy or digital document along with other 502/503 assignments. Under all circumstances it should be completed on or before the date indicated on the EVOC 502/503 Class Schedule.