In-Service Presentations
ISP Specific Information and Criteria

Scholars may work individually or in groups of not more than three per group to prepare a professional In-Service Presentation. The basic idea is to collect and organize material that could be presented to other faculty members as part of an In-Service Training day. The materials may be collected into either a paper or digital portfolio, or posted on a web site. The following criteria apply to all of the presentations:

A total of ten points are possible plus an additional point for ISPs that are posted on the scholar's own web site and/or another point if a PowerPoint Presentation is a part of the ISP.

Scholars should send the course instructor an e-mail message as soon as they have all of their ISP materials collected. That message should describe the ISP materials and indicate if they are posted on the scholar's web site OR will be sent to the instructor as part of either a paper or digital portfolio.