Quotes that Reflect Personal/Professional Insights
SA4 Specific Information and Criteria

Each scholar is expected to establish a Professional Insights Journal in which they include quotes from various sources that they have found to be particularly meaningful. Please start with at least 10 quotes and then continue to add at least one quote every week for the rest of yout life!

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Each entry should meet the following criteria:

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Fred Fudrucker's
Professional Insights Journal

Quote for Week 1 - January 05, 2013
    "If there was one thing I didn't like about my academic colleagues it was that too few of them could practically apply what they taught."

    Dr. George Thompson - Found toward the end of Chapter 1 in his book Verbal Judo the Gentle Art of Persuasion published in 1993. Available from Amazon.com

Quote for Week 2 - January 12, 2013
    "You can do anything you set your mind to do."

    Charlie Plumb - From his Video on Overcoming Adversity recorded in 1992. Available from Charlie Plumb Web Site.

Quote for Week 3 - January 19, 2013
    "The key to growth is to learn to make promises and to keep them."

    Dr. Steven Covey - Found in Chapter 3 of his book Principle-Centered Leadership published in 1990. Available from Amazon.com

Quote for Week 4 - January 05, 2013
    "Life does not begin in some remote, ideal world, some paradisiacal hereafter; it begins and ends here, wherever we are, in whatever circumstances."

    Henry Miller (1891-1980) - Found in his essay Stand Still Like the Hummingbird, in his book with the same title, published in 1962. Available from Amazon.com

Quote for Week 5 - January 05, 2013
    "The big cosmic question, Why are we here?, will perplex humankind forever. But from a musculoskeletal standpoint, the answer shouts at us from our very first glance at the human body: We are here in order to move! The body is a motion machine. The bone-levers and the muscle-pulleys make that perfectly clear. They account for over sixty percent of the body's weight. We may have a high purpose, but physical movement, hand over hand, one foot in front of the other, is how we accomplish it."

    Pete Egoscue - Found toward the end of Chapter 1 in his book Pain Free published in 1998. Available from Amazon.com

Quote for Week 6 - January 05, 2013
    "The particular thing ... dwarfs the imagination, makes logic a butterfly, offers a finality that sends us spinning through space, a fixity the mind could climb forever, a revolving mountain, a complexity with a surface of glass; the gist of all poetry."

    William Carlos Williams (1883-1963) - Found in his book of improvisations Kora in Hell (XXVII - 1) published in 1920. Out of print but possibly available from Amazon.com

Quote for Week 7 - January 05, 2013
    "Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic."

    Frank Herbert - Found in his novel Dune (from "The Sayings of Maud'Dib" by the Princess Irulan) published in 1965). Available from Amazon.com

Quote for Week 8 - January 05, 2013
    "When you are older, you'll understand for yourself the influence of age on convictions."

    Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881) - Found in his novel The Brothers Karmazov (Book VI: "The Russian Monk," Chapter 2) first published in 1880. Available from Amazon.com

Quote for Week 9 - January 05, 2013
    "If you were to say to a physicist in 1899 that in 1999, a hundred years later, moving images would be transmitted into homes all over the world from satellites in the sky; that bombs of unimaginable power would threaten the species; that antibiotics would abolish infectious disease but that disease would fight back; that women would have the vote, and pills to control reproduction; that millions of people would take to the air every hour in aircraft capable of taking off and landing without human touch; that you could cross the Atlantic at two thousand miles per hour; that humankind would travel to the moon, then lose interest; that microscopes would be able to see individual atoms; that people would carry telephones weighing only a few ounces, and speak anywhere in the world without wires; or that most of these miracles depended on devises the size of a postage stamp, which utilized a new theory called quantum mechanics ---
    if you said all of this, the physicist would almost certainly pronounce you mad."

    Michael Crichton - Found in the introduction to his novel Timeline published in 1999). Available from Amazon.com

Quote for Week 10 - January 05, 2002
    "Did you tackle that trouble that came your way
    With a resolute heart and cheerful?
    Or hide your face from the light of day
    With craven soul and fearful?
    Oh, a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an ounce,
    Or a trouble is what you make it.
    And it isn't the fact that you're hurt that counts,
    But only how did you take it?"

    Edmund Vance Cooke - First stanza of his poem "How Did You Die" found in the anthology One Hundred One Famous Poems compiled by Roy J. Cook in 1958. Available from Amazon.com