Additional Credit Request

Of the 100 points possible for each course, 6 of those points are designated as additional credit. In order to receive the additional credit points, scholars must prepare an e-mail memo in which they request the number of additional credit points they believe they deserve (not to exceed 6), request the grade they believe they deserve (either A or B) and list specific things they have done that they feel justify the grade requested.

In addition to listing specific requirements they have met for the grade requested (please refer to the information on Grading Standards), scholars requesting the grade of A should provide some indication that their work was outstanding in some specific respect. Work done beyond the stipulated course assignments that results in better teaching, professional development or which benefits school or community may be cited as an indication of outstanding achievement.

The preparation of these requests is consistent with the idea that in a lot of situations, teachers (and others) may not get the things they need unless they ask for them. In that context, and because it is expected that all of the members of this class will demonstrate outstanding achievement at some point during the course, all EVOC 502/503 scholars are expected to submit an Additional Credit Request.

All scholars who demonstrate proficiency at all of the competencies will earn at least a B- grade, but only scholars who have met the specific requirements for an A grade, and who describe some form of outstanding achievement will be receive an A grade. Anyone who earns less than a B- is expected to retake the course.

The points and grades for both the EVOC 502 and the EVOC 503 courses should be addressed in the same memo. All requests should be e-mailed to the course instructor after Class Session 9 and should follow the format exemplified in