WR10 - Selecting an English Learner Program
Read carefully and follow directions.

Read Chapter 1.3 in the Teaching English Language Learners in Career and Technical Education Programs,  textbook, then write a report on how to select an English learner program that best meets the needs of your students and district relative to your industry sector. 

Draw upon your ECTS 501 and ECTS 504 coursework as well as your ECTS 518 field work and/or other teaching experience.  If you are presently teaching, discuss your experiences and observations with other CTE instructors at your school site.  Your report should include an introduction that explains the factors that influence the design of an effective English learner program.  Include a brief one paragraph description of each of the nine (9) programs discussed in the assigned reading.  End your report with a conclusion about the best program for your course and justify your choice. 

Please note that the other Written Reports in the ECTS 518 E-TEXT include examples, and the WR9 examples reflect the type of higher quality written communication skill that we hope all ECTS scholars will aspire to.  However, by now you should be able to formulate your ideas in an appropriate written report to convey your experiences, observations, and perceptions then justify your conclusions demonstrating the highest level of critical thinking in Bloom's  Taxonomy.

For your "Upgrade Indicator" all that is needed is a statement to the effect that your essay represents your honest perceptions and feelings about teaching in a diverse classroom.

NOTE: If you are not presently teaching, please e-mail the ECTS 518 instructor for additional instructions.

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