WR2 - System for Evaluation of Teachers
Read carefully, follow directions, emulate the example.
The System for Evaluation of Teachers is simply a brief narrative describing how you are, or will be, evaluated as a teacher. Every educational institution seems to have its own system for evaluating and providing information about teacher performance. Please describe both formal and informal procedures which are used to provide feedback to you regarding your teaching performance. If possible, you should include a blank copy of any form used for evaluation of teachers at the institution where you teach. If that's not possible, you should describe the manner in which you would like to be evaluated and develop an evaluation form of your own design.

As background for both WR2 and WR6, please read Ronald Boyd's article on :
Also, please provide a completed evaluation of your own teaching done either by someone at an institution where you teach (or have taught) or by yourself using the type of form referred to above. Follow the same basic format as: It is a good idea to keep a copies, for your own records, of any and all evaluations made of your teaching performance. When completing WR2, don't forget your "Upgrade Indicator."

For additional information about evaluation of teachers, the following book by Charlotte Danielson and Thomas L. McGreal is highly recommended (click on the title for more information from amazon.com):

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