WR3 - System for Evaluation of Students
Read carefully, follow directions, emulate the example.
The System for Evaluation of Students report should describe how you evaluate, or will evaluate, students and should include examples of quizzes, tests, etc., used to determine a student's progress in your class. Because vocational education is traditionally competency based, the report should indicate specific competencies that students in your class are expected to acquire. In other words describe your "grading system" in terms that both students and school administrators can understand. This report may also include samples of Individualized Training Plans and anything you are using (or should be using) to help measure student performance for a particular course.

Please indicate the following factors that apply to your grading system: (1) typical number of students to be graded in each class, (2) demographics of your student population including "special needs", and (3) specific factors relating to pedagogy or andragogy that have been considered.

Before beginning, please read (or reread) Dr. Pendleton's article on:
Provide examples of evaluation materials and samples of grade records you actually use and follow the same basic format as: When completing WR3, don't forget your "Upgrade Indicator."

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