WR4 - System for Class Management
Read carefully, follow directions, emulate the example.
The purpose of the System for Class Management report is to present the operational base for a particular course that you teach (or would like to teach). Items to be addressed in this report should include (but are not limited to) a course description, career pathways, expected student outcomes, a course outline or syllabus, , class rules and disciplinary procedures (Assertive Discipline Plan), grading and credit policies (from WR3), safety rules, attendance policies, lab or shop costs and descriptions of assignments and/or projects for the course (provide examples of related materials you actually use where applicable). Please indicate how you present Class Management information to the students and how you check to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the management system. Follow the basic format of the example, but be sure that the information you present is tailored to your own situation.

Please indicate the following factors that apply to your class management: (1) typical number of students in each class, (2) demographics of your student population including "special needs", and (3) specific factors relating to pedagogy or andragogy that have been considered.

Before beginning, please review Dr. Pendleton's:
The information that the links lead to should help you decide what to include in your system of classroom management. No need to go overboard here. It is expected that you will continue to update what you do for many years to come. For your 518 portfolio just follow the same basic format as the: When completing WR4, don't forget to include your own list of Classroom Management Links and don't forget your "Upgrade Indicator."

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