WR5 - Material for a Substitute Instructor
Read carefully, follow directions, emulate the example.
The Material for a Substitute report should include information and materials that could be used by a substitute teacher to teach at least one session of a course that you teach. This material should include lesson plans with specific student performance objectives and support materials needed by both the substitute teacher and the students. You should also include information about class rules and school policies (from WR4) as well information about who to contact, and how to contact them if any problems should arise. Be sure to include a list of all your current students and perhaps (if the class is small) even a little bit of information about each student.

The substitute teacher should, as a result of the information and materials you have provided, be able to tell your students exactly what they are expected to accomplish during the period of instruction. Having some type of short quiz to be administered during the last 10 minutes of class, to determine if the students did accomplish the specified objectives is highly recommended.

What you provide for the substitute teacher should be well organized with a checklist and clear instructions/information about each item on the checklist. The substitute may not have the same type of content background that you do, but he/she should be able to use what you have provided to insure a meaningful learning experience for your students.

Follow the same basic format as:
It is suggested, over time, that you add additional sessions that could be taught by a substitute teacher, so as to be preparred for a situation where you might not be able to be in class yourself for several days.

When completing WR5, don't forget your "Upgrade Indicator."

For additional information about materials for substitute teachers, the following book by Jan Herbst is highly recommended (click on the title for more information from amazon.com):

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