WR6 - Teacher Observations
Read carefully, follow directions, emulate the example.
The Teacher Observations assignment is intended to provide scholars the opportunity to observe two different teachers and evaluate their effectiveness. The actual evaluation reports should be completed on the: Although observing and describing any two instructors teaching in any educational environment will meet the criteria for this assignment, the most value will be derived if the teachers you observe are colleagues who teach at the same institution you do, and even better if they teach the same type of lessons that you normally teach.

Please include a copy of the lesson plan for each of the lessons you observed. If the observed teacher does not have a lesson plan, YOU should write what you beleive the plan should have been, based on what you observed and discussed and with the teacher.

Please indicate the following factors that apply to the teaching you observed: (1) typical number of students in each class, (2) demographics of the student population including "special needs", and (3) specific factors relating to pedagogy or andragogy that have been considered.

As background for both WR2 and WR6, please read Ronald Boyd's article on :
When asking someone if you may observe a class they teach, it would be a good idea to tell that person you need to do this for an assignment for a class you are taking and that one of the criteria was for you to "observe" someone you believe is a good teacher.

Please follow the FORMAT of the example, but be as honest and perceptive as possible about your description of what you observed.
Please DO NOT show the comments you write on the Teacher Observation Forms to the people you observed. Under no circumstances should you make any "suggestions for improvement" directly to the person you observed. The purpose of this exercise is for YOU to develop skill in observing and describing teaching (both good and not so good) so that YOU can learn from what you observed and described.

When completing WR6, don't forget your "Upgrade Indicator."

For additional information about evaluation of teachers, the following book by Charlotte Danielson and Thomas L. McGreal is highly recommended (click on the title for more information from amazon.com):

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