WR7 - Collected Lesson Plans
Read carefully, follow directions, emulate the example.
Before beginning this assignment please read the material on: The Collected Lesson Plans assignment is intended to provide scholars the opportunity to begin to develope specific lesson plans relative to something particular they teach. Eventually you should develop a lesson plan for every lesson you teach and each lesson plan should be based on a student performance objective that indicates exactly what students should be able to do as a result of the instruction they receive in the lesson.

Please refer to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and cite at least one of those standards (indicate how your lesson relates to the standard cited) relative to each one of your lesson plans.

Please indicate the following factors that apply to your lesson plans: (1) typical number of students in each class, (2) demographics of your student population including "special needs", and (3) specific factors relating to pedagogy or andragogy that have been considered.

In addition, please provide any written instructional materials (quizzes, worksheets, drawings, etc.) that students would need for each lesson. For the purposes of your ECTS 518 Portfolio you you should prepare at least 8 lesson plans with accompanying materials. Then (after completing ECTS 518) it is hoped that you will keep on developing and improving lesson plans and adding them to your portfolio. :^)

Lesson plans for your ECTS 518 Portfolio should follow the format prescribed by the institution at which you teach. If no specific format is prescribed by that institution, you may use either the ECTS 501 lesson plan format, or follow the link just below to the:
As there are many different types of lesson plan formats, no specific examples of completed lesson plans have been provided, but it is expected that scholars can draw on their experience in ECTS 501 and/or their own teaching situation to meet the requirements for this assignment.

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