WR8 - Personal Mission Statement
Read carefully, follow directions, use the Mission Builder.
The Personal Mission Statement is a way of expressing what your most important convictions are and what you really believe. The purpose of this report is to provide ECTS 518 scholars the opportunity to express their own philosophy in clear and practical language. The Personal Mission Statement will help you focus on what you want to be (character), what you want to do (contributions and achievements), and how to express the values and principles that determine who you are.

Because each scholar is unique, a personal mission statement will reflect that uniqueness. You can develop a boilerplate draft to begin your process by visiting the FranklinCovey Web Site and using the:
Honesty is essential. Do NOT attempt to just give the instructor what what you think he wants to hear: Please read the The Eighth Habit BEFORE starting on your personal mission statement.

Because no example has been provided for this assignmemt your "Upgrade Indicator" need only indicate that you have taken care to write with clarity, honesty and insightfulness.

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