WR9 - Narrative Essays
Read carefully, follow directions, emulate the example.


Start with George Leonard's book Mastery, then write a narrative essay in which you indicate some course of study in which you could apply the principles Leonard discusses in his book. If you are alreasdy on a Mastery path, explain what it is, how you got started and where you are going. The Mastery Essay may be as long or as short as you like, but should address your true feelings, whatever they may be!

Then read Howard Kirschenbaum's book Wad-Ja-Get, and write a narrative essay on that book and its impact on you either positively, negatively or neutral. The Wad-Ja-Get Essay should not exceed the length of the examples, but should include information about your specific reaction to some of the particular ideas that have been suggested.

NOTE: Steven Covey's book The 8th Habit May be substituted for Wad-Ja-Get or used as an "Extra Mile " indicator.

Please review both examples (links just below). Those are actually essays on Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but represent the type of scholarship expected for the essays described above.

Please note that while most of the other examples of Written Reports in the ECTS 518 E-TEXT have been designed to intentionally reflect only the minimum acceptable standards, these two examples reflect the type of higher quality written communication skill that we hope all ECTS scholars will aspire to. It is important to communicate your own ideas in the type of clear and specific literary style illustrated in both of these very good examples.

For your "Upgrade Indicator" all that is needed is a statement to the effect that your essay represents your honest perceptions and feelings about what each author has written.

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